D.A.R.E., it stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. It teaches people about drugs, alcohol, and a lot of other stuff that can hurt people. I have learned a lot of important things from D.A.R.E.

Tobacco is illegal to any one under the age of eighteen. Over 400,000 people just from America die from tobacco related causes each year. Smoking dries out skin, gives people wrinkles, give you bad breath, and makes your teeth yellow. Cigarettes have nicotine in them. Nicotine is a powerfully addictive substance. Once you start smoking it’s hard to stop.

Marijuana is illegal in the United States unless it is prescribed by a doctor. People that use this have more cold and upper respiratory problems than other people. The smoke contains 50% to 70% more of some cancer causing chemicals than tobacco smoke.

The information is important to me because I can help people stay away from that. I don’t want people to die, even if I don’t know them. It might not hurt me, but it will hurt that person’s family and friends.

The impact that D.A.R.E. has had on me is huge. This impact makes me want to  talk to younger kids and tell them to stay away from things like this. I want to try to convince people my age that it doesn’t make you cool to do this. It doesn’t make people smarter, it kills brain cells.

I have mainly learned that marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs can affect all kinds of people in many different ways. Even if you don’t do these things they can still affect you, so try not to let your friends and family do it.

I want to promise Deputy Thomas, all my teachers, my family, and my peers that I will never chew tobacco, smoke marijuana, or drink alcohol, whether it’s legal or illegal.


Today in Reading Workshop we commented on Mr. McGuire’s post about integrity. He asked th questions:

This prods the question, does integrity matter to a sixth grader?  Should it? Thinking back to the read aloud of Freak the Mighty, and having watched the film, The Mighty, I was thinking about Kevin’s view of integrity.  How does it compare to yours?  In a few words, does your integrity guide how you live?

Here are my answers:
I think that some sixth graders think about integrity. I don’t think that all of them do because I usually don’t think about it. I don’t do things I’m not supposed to do most of the time. I think that integrity should matter to everyone. I think that because it is important to do the right thing even if you don’t have to.
My integrity is different than Kevin’s because I wouldn’t tell people that I was going to get a new body. I wouldn’t do that because it wouldn’t be true.

My integrity is like Kevin’s because I wouldn’t tell my family and friends that I was going to die. I wouldn’t tell them because they would be sad.

My integrity does and doesn’t control my life.

Does integrity matter to you? Who do you think it should matter to?

Today in Reading Workshop we have to write about the person we are studying. We have to write about what we noticed yesterday and other times.

Yesterday we went on a field trip. I noticed that Bob didn’t hang out or eat with the people he usually hangs out and eats with. I don’t know why he did that. Bob wasn’t next to Mr. Knoop during the hike, but he stayed kind of close when we were at the cemetery. At the creek near Hadley Pritchard’s house Bob just walked around and looked at rocks. Bob didn’t stay with anyone, he just walked around by himself.

Bob hasn’t gotten into trouble, missed school, or done anything different. I think Bob is trying not to do anything different. I think Bob to confuse the person who has him, which is me.

Last Sunday might Terry(my step-dad) went to have a talk with his nineteen-year-old son, Jason. Jason has a wife named Danielle, she is eighteen. They have two kids, Kaylynn and Brooklyn. Kaylynn is 1 1/2, Brooklyn is only six months old

When Terry went to talk to Jason, Jason told him that he didn’t want to live with Danielle’s grandparents any more. Jason is living with us now. Danielle is going to come live with us too, but there are some problems that have to be worked out first.

Danielle is pregnant again. So a nurse comes in once a week to give her a shot. We were thinking that she would move in after she got her shot on Thursday, but she might come before that if she can get a ride to her grandparents house Thursday morning. Everyone but Jason wants this baby to be a girl. I don’t know why he wants three girls though, my mom tells me that one is enough.

So I am waiting to hear more news about that. While I wait I pack my bag. I am going to stay with my cousin Cody Johnson for nineteen days. I am going to do that because my mom is going to go to Charleston, South Carolina. She is going because she is in the Air Force.

I am going to stay with Cody because I don’t want to stay with my step-dad. I will be coming home on the weekends to do my laundry though. Plus it might have something to do with my youngest nieces though.

I can’t wait to get home to ask my mom about Danielle and the kids coming and see my new phone!!!!!!

Today in Reading Workshop we had four things to do, one of them was commenting on one of Mr McGuire’s posts. He wrote about controlling our destiny. At the end he wrote two questions that we had to answer in our comment. They were: This leads to the question, do you control your destiny? What are you doing to steer you life to success? This is what I commented:

I think that I do and don’t control my destiny. I think that I control my destiny by making choices like studying for tests, doing my work, and listening to adults.

I think that I don’t control my destiny because I can’t control moving to a new school, my mom and step-dad getting divorce, or a death.

The things I am doing to steer my life towards success are trying to get good grades. Good grades lead to good colleges, and that leads to making more money when I grow up.  I am also listening to my parents. When I listen to them they give me more freedom and responsibility.

Today is Friday, that is the beginning of my weekend. Tonight I am going to something with my mom that my cousin chad is involved with. After that we are going to Circleville for a pizza party for The International Order of Rainbows. Mrs. Blubaugh told some girls from school about it. After that my mom is dropping me off at my cousin Taylor’s house

I don’t know what we will do while I’m there. We will probably play on her trampoline, play in her basement, and beg her grandma to take us to the movies. I don’t know what we would see if we go.

I am going to stay with her until Sunday evening. My mom is picking me up from there and we are coming back home. We will probably pick up something on our way home for dinner. I am going to be exhausted.

That is all I am going to do this weekend. I hope everybody else has fun because I know I will!

Jamie Sullivan’s dad, Hegbert, is the minister of a church and she grew up being a someone who helps others in need. Most of the people at school make fun of her for it behind her back.

Landon Carter has grown up without a dad, because his dad is a congressman. He sees his dad on weekend sometimes, but it’s mostly just him and his mom.

He and Jamie end up doing a play that her dad wrote called The Christmas Angel together. Landon doesn’t understand why she thinks that this year has to be perfect. Not until he learns her secret.

What is her secret? Will he find out? What will the reaction be? Those are some of the questions I asked in the beginning. To find out what the answers are you’ll have to read A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks to find out.

Today and Yesterday in Reading Workshop everyone had to write about seeing someone help someone else. I wrote about Mrs. Blubaugh and people at recess.

I wrote:

I see people cheering for other people at recess when they play basketball. When they get cheered for they feel happy and cheer for other people too.

Another example is when Mrs. Blubaugh helps kids out during reading. She helps them with understanding the questions. Then they can help people who don’t understand the question they’re on in Study Island, Math, Social Studies, or Science.

I think that everyone should help other people and hopefully the kindness will spread.

The Shadow Children series, written by Margaret Peterson Haddix has been one of the most popular for adolescent readers the last few years.   In this video for The Reading Workshop I share the first book Among the Hidden.

I was on my home from KFC, and mom and I were listening to 97.9  (WNCI), and we heard that New Moon was coming to Wally-World(Wal-Mart) this Friday at midnight. New Moon stars: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner. AKA the human, the vampire, and the werewolf. I can’t wait to see it(again)!

I started trying to convince my mom that I had to go get it the instant it came out. She started saying that it was a school night. Because we have school on Saturday.  Then I said that I would be okay, and that I could manage. She kept saying that it was a school night, but I said that if I could go to church with three hours of sleep, and go to the hospital with two hours of sleep and stay all day without sleeping that I would be fine.

She said that we would talk about it later. That all most always means no though. It means yes about 10% of the time and I’m counting on the ten percent. I hope I get it!!!